Obama internship

CAROLINA CHACON is the contact person who came to me regarding this internship. She was a student at A-Tech and will expect top work from those who apply.
Here is some info that she gave me:

Because the school year is about to end, this would primarily be a summer internship (May/June-August) that could be extended to the election, depending on the interns' availability. Internships that last until the election will end in November, unless the intern is hired by Organizing for America, which will continue running after the election, but not in Nevada.

The interns would work 20-40 hours per week, again depending on their availability (this is more flexible for high school students). They will need their own transportation to and from headquarters, which is located at Warm Springs and Pecos, though some of the work can be done remotely.

The interns will need to have their own laptop and have access to the Adobe Creative suite (if they're interested in video production, we have the FinalCut software and a video camera plus related equipment). In the case of the graphics design intern, he/she should be able to work with InDesign and Illustrator.

Ideally, our interns will be interested in learning all the facets of our digital strategy, which include social media, photography, writing/blogging and video production. We'll consider skill sets relating to all those fields when reviewing the applicants, including html and related software knowledge. The interested students who work with Photoshop - I'm assuming they know how to take pictures, in which case they might be suited for a photography internship.

Above all, we're looking for talented, motivated people who will be able to make a commitment. We're not expecting experts and we'll have plenty to teach them along the way, but the internship will require that students already have certain skill sets and a dedication for this experience. I know A-TECH is very adept at producing these types of students, which is why we're looking there first.

The student would need his or her own transportation. Our OFA headquarters is located at Warm Springs and Pecos, which might be a bit far for some, but the student would be able to do a lot of work from home or at one of our neighborhood offices.