This page is filled with resources. I will be adding as we cover things in class.

Here is a site that may help you with the prospective part of class. Drawing in Prospective
Here is the site to draw the head (We used this in class). How to draw a head

Sketching the human body videos.

Human body 1
Human body 2
Human body 3
Human body 4

Golden Ratio Info. Print and save.

Golden Ratio

Grid for 2 point perspective drawings.

How to use the Pen tool.

Tutorial Videos

How to load a brush

Make a custom brush

Magic Eraser tool

More tutorials for Photoshop

Pen Tool Video

Layer Mask

Liquify Tool

Liquify Tool #2

Curve Text

Circular text

Gloss Effect

Neon Text

Object Reflextion

Shine on text and other things

Needed for Gr I and II classes

Digital Painting Tutorials

3D brush Preview
Adjusting color
Choosing the right brush
Simulating canvas texture
Detail in Painting